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Grafton Quarry

3349 Route 2,
Cropseyville, NY 12052

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Materials Available:
Stone Products - Full-Scale Production
#1's, #2's, #3's, Crusher Run, Stone Dust, Rip Rap, #1A's


The RJ Valente Rock Quarry located on 3349 Route 2 in Cropseyville, NY (Rensselaer County) is the core location for the company's aggregate operations. The permit to open the site began in 1996 and was finally issued in 2003. Since that time, the quarry has been the staple for growth in the company. No longer just relying on being a material handler for only sand and gravel products, the quarry opened the door for many new business ventures. The stone mining business had been a dream for Roddy. With his vision and groundwork to get the quarry opened and fully operational to its capacity, it has flourished ever since its opening.

The key to the rock quarry is its access to high friction stone. The stone at the quarry is some of the highest quality stone in all of New York State. It is a New York State DOT approved source. The stone is a quartzite and consists primarily of quartz with some feldspar sand grains that have been fused together during metamorphism with a siliceous cement. The stone has an overall Mohs hardness of 6.5. Geologists describe the trend surface analysis of the quarry to persist of graywacke or Rensselaer grit. It is a dark green terrain that is thick-bedded and granular with quartz grains apparent throughout.

When mining operations began in 2003, it was a rather modest setup that included crushing and screening equipment to produce its primary two products: Crusher Run (sub-base for roadways) and #2 stone (3/4 to 1&1/4 inch clean crushed stone with many uses including drainage purposes). In 2006 the operation drastically changed, more room opened up on the mountain. The company purchased a state of the art set up with use of improved equipment that helped produce the wide array of products that it supplies today. In 2011, the Valente Quarry ventured into its largest supply project to date, the NYS Thruway job for Rifenburg Construction at Exits 23 & 24 in the Albany County area. This was a three-year project that was completed late in 2013. Valente supplied all the sub-base for the roadways, as well as all the stone for the concrete and asphalt mixes.