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New Castle Asphalt, LLC offers competitive pricing, superb customer service and the flexibility for you to purchase when needed.  All of our aggregate is high friction material that meets DOT requirements. With our "State of the Art" plant, we can produce mix that meets all local, state and federal specifications. We are able to accommodate all of your projects from driveways to highways.

Plant Information

New Gencor Model 400 Skidded UltraPlant

  • Capable of producing 400 tons per hour
  • 3 Storage silos (300 tons each)
  • New onsite QC testing facility

The New Castle Asphalt plant has been very busy cranking out quality asphalt. Our crew there is working very hard to fulfill everyone's asphalt needs, and is quite successful at it. The Gencor Ultraplant is continuing to meet our expectations in producing asphalt to everyone's specifications. Please call if you want a quote, we'd be happy to supply for your project.

New Castle Asphalt, LLC.

230 Riverside Avenue

Rensselaer, NY 12144 

Phone:  518-729-5782  

Fax:  518-729-5783 

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